Why send your child to boarding schools?

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Why send your child to boarding schools?

Why send your child to boarding schools?

  • 20-01-2021
  • By Admin

Since centuries we are aware of the boarding school’s culture. It was and is still thought of something as a punishment given to students who did not perform well or did not behave well. But boarding schools are much beyond this thinking. It shapes and disciplines students in such a way that no day-school can do. Many parents think 1000 times before they have to send their children to boarding schools. This is because there is a fear that has been instilled in them since a very long time. But we will give you a few reasons as to why you should actually send your child to a boarding school.

Reasons to consider to send your child to a boarding school –

1. Overall development

2. Faculty guidance

3. Life of students

4. Strong network building

5. Independent approach

Let us know these reasons in a little brief –

1. Overall development - Boarding schools is different from day schools because students not only studies but actually lives there. The school becomes responsible to engage, motivate and give their life values by acting as a guardian. Focusing not only on academics but also on extra-curricular activities. This helps in the holistic development of the student.

2. Faculty guidance - Generally boarding schools have small classes which gives more personalized attention to your child in studies. But faculties are present on-campus in the boarding schools to guide your child as a mentor, coach and as a friend.

3. Life of students - Boarding schools have children from around the globe, with different cultures, social backgrounds, and economic backgrounds. This will help your child to gel up with everyone and have empathy towards every human. This will also increase their communication skills and knowledge of different practices and traditions.

4. Strong network building - your child will live with their friends, study and do all the activities together. This will build long-term bonds with their friends. Living with someone for a long-time result in establishing bonds that transcends geographies, societies, and culture.

5. Independent approach - Boarding schools encourages students to live their own life, make their own decisions. Handle their monetary expenses, their eating habits, their lifestyle and so much more. They don’t have to rely or become dependent on anyone. They do all their chores by themselves.

We understand how important this decision is to send your child to a boarding school. If you’re planning to do that then visit Eeduvisor for a home-like boarding school for your child.