Schools Re-Opening After Pandemic

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Schools Re-Opening After Pandemic

Schools Re-Opening After Pandemic

  • 20-01-2021
  • By Admin

This year has been a rollercoaster ride for everyone including the children. The schools were closed and they had to attend the online classes. After several months of lockdown, the schools are finally re-opening. But this is not going to be easy. A lot of precautionary measures must be taken by the schools and children to avoid any threat to their lives.

The re-opening of the schools was also necessary because a lot of loss was seen on the educational front for which the decision of syllabus reduction from the examinations has also been seen. You must be worried about whether you want to send your child to the school or not, but we can tell you about the measures that are being taken by the schools to improve the condition.

Precautions to be taken by the school to ensure safety of your child –

1. Proper sanitization

2. No co-curricular activities

3. Classroom with distance

4. Thermal scanning

5. Strict rules on gloves and masks

6. Availability of hand-sanitizer

Let us discuss each of these points in brief –

1. Proper sanitization - This is one of the basic ways to ensure the safety of your child. The schools should sanitize their campus, washrooms, classrooms and every area from time to time. This will lead to a healthy environment for the students and parents will worry less about the sanitization.

2. No co-curricular activities - Avoid co-curricular activities on the ground and anything that leads to coming close of the students. Ensure that proper social distancing is being followed on and off-ground.

3. Thermal scanning - This is the first step that schools have to take before making a student enter the campus. It should be made mandatory to scan the temperatures of the students at regular intervals. This will help to maintain a record as well as to stop any other student from being infected.

4. Classrooms with social distancing - Classrooms should have a proper social distancing followed. Not more than one student should sit on a bench. Also, according to the size of the classroom, the strength of the students should be decided.

5. Strict rules on gloves and masks- It is the responsibility of the schools to ensure that every child is wearing gloves and masks in the campus. It should be made mandatory to wear them and those not wearing these should be sent back to their homes or given a pair of gloves and a mask.

6. Availability of the hand sanitizer - Schools should install hand sanitizer pumps where students and teachers can sanitize their hands after every hour. Also, there should be proper washroom hygiene with handwashes and sanitizers.

These are the basic guidelines and precautionary methods that the schools and students must take to avoid any kind of danger. These methods listed above will also be followed by the faculty members.

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